Sun-dried tomato, mushroom & Cashew Ricotta Pasta

Last night was pasta night in our home and I made this sundries-tomato, mushroom and Cashew "ricotta" pasta. It was so good and I am happy that we will be eating leftovers tonight! 

A few asked for the recipe so here is the recipe. It is actually updated from an old recipe I posted back in 2015. 

Vegan Tomato Pasta & Cashew “Ricotta Cheese”- serves 4.
       1 can of diced tomatoes
       2 tbsp of tomato paste
       1 onion diced
       2 cloves of garlic minced
       2 cups of sliced mushrooms
       1 tbsp dried Italian herbs
       1/2 cup of chopped sundried tomatoes
       1 tbsp olive oil
       1 tsp chili flakes
       a packet of spaghetti or fettuccine pasta
       salt and pepper to taste
       fresh basil

Cashew Ricotta Cheese:
       1 cup of soaked raw cashews in water (minimum 2 hours- best overnight)
       1/2 cup of water
       2 tbsp of nutritional yeast 
       1/2 tsp of salt
       1/2 tsp of garlic flakes

1      Boil some water and cook your pasta following the packet instructions.
2      Cook the onion and garlic in a pan with olive oil.
3      Add in the mushrooms.
4      Add the chili flakes, dried herbs and cook until mushrooms and capsicum are cooked.
5      Add in the sundries tomatoes and the can of diced tomatoes and simmer on low heat.
6      Once the pasta is cooked, drained and mix with the sauce. 

For the cashew ricotta:
1      Rinse and drain the cashews. 
2      Mix the cashews in a blender with the water, salt and nutritional yeast until creamy.
3      Serve a large dollop on each pasta bowl to add a cheesy creamy factor!

    I hope you enjoy this healthy vegan pasta with the cashew Ricotta. 

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