My Favourite Bliss Balls Recipes

I love bliss balls!! Even the name "Bliss Ball" I love. I wonder who came up with the name!?
Bliss Balls are my go to recipe whenever I have to bring a sweet or if craving something sweet at home. I also make bliss balls often to have on hand as snacks. I have made quite a few bliss balls recipes in the past 2 years and have listed them all below! Enjoy!
(My favourite bliss ball recipe is the chocolate one!)

chocolate bliss ball recipe


Sweet Potato, Kale & Quinoa Salad with a Green Tahini Dressing

Last weekend I made this delicious salad after buying lots of kale at the farmers markets. This is probably one of my favourite salad combo: kale, sweet potato and quinoa! I also recreated a green tahini dressing after seeing it on a menu in a restaurant in Perth. It's really good I will be using it on pizzas, salads, burgers and sandwiches.


Mama's Smoothie Recipe

Following my last post on healthy eating with a newborn I am sharing with you my Mama's Smoothie recipe which I have been having a few times a week.

Smoothies are one of the most practical breakfast to have as a mum! They take seconds to make, can be drank with one hand while holding a baby and only take minutes to be drunk! They also pack a punch of nutrients in one serving to make sure I start my day on the healthy side!


Healthy Eating with a Newborn (or 2!)

As some of you know I gave birth last month to 2 little twins! Eloise & James. They are the best thing that has happened to me and it is easy to forget about yourself and your own health when you are constantly taking care of 2 little newborns that rely on you for everything.

I knew from the get go that taking care of myself will have to be my number 2 priority (number one being the babies of course!). You can't function properly and be able to deal with crying hungry babies at all hours of the day if you are feeling flat, hungry and tired yourself! Plus I know most mums like myself when to lose the baby weight rather quickly! I have 10kg that need to go and I am motivated to lose it all the healthy way.

So I have been eating very healthy and taking care of myself of the past 6 weeks. I thought I would share my tips for other mums out there. I will list some of my favourite "on-the-go" meals and also some other tips for organisation and how I am doing things. If I can do it with twins anyone can do it!
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