Meet My Twins!

Meet My Twins!

So life has been very busy for me lately, my little twins were born on 18.09.2015 at 36 weeks and 3 days. Meet Eloise & James, the loves of my life. Eloise was 2.610 kg and James 1.950kg (due to IUGR). They look nothing like each others and their personalities are very different too. We have been loving getting to know them in the past five weeks. (Can't believe my babies are one month old already! Time really does fly! I already miss the first few days when they were so little!)

They are both going well and gaining weight. (James is still behind his sister but we got told he will catch up!) They keep me very busy as we currently have a 3 hourly feeding routine during the day with each feed taking at least one hour. We are trying to extend the night feeds to get a bit more sleep. I have managed to get around 6-7 hours sleep each night which I think is pretty good. I was expecting it to be much worse! I must have good babies.

Days are filled with nappy changes, feeding, expressing breastmilk, burping (which takes FOREVER especially with James), laundry and walks with the pram. We get lots of nice comments when out and about. People can't believe how small they are.

I feel the happiest I have ever been in my entire life and am loving being a twin mama.

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