Studying Health Coaching with IIN

This blog post is for everyone that has been asking about studying with IIN, the nutrition and health coach course I did last year with Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

My journey with IIN started a year before signing up to their IIN health coach program. I found the health coach course online a few months before getting married but was not ready to sign up. I was also a little scared and busy with other things!

Fast forward a year later and I had started my blog, my Instagram account and had met lots of friends with similar interest in the health and wellness industry. The IIN health coach program came up again and this time I was ready to sign up! I am so glad I finally "took the jump" but also waited until I felt 100% comfortable with signing up. So read below if you too fill the pull to study nutrition or are interested in the IIN Health Coach Course and my journey!

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