My Best Winter Recipes

With the change of seasons also comes the change of lifestyle and produce available. I like taking the time on rainy days to cook some warm, nourishing meals and slowing down to enjoy them. I tend to use the slow cooker once a week to make a big batch of veggie or meat stew, make some homemade apple sauce and enjoy lots of soups. I don't like eating salads and smoothies in winter!

This winter it won't be too different apart for the fact I am pregnant and a lot less creative. Someone told me it is normal to feel less creative when pregnant as your body is already busy creating a little person! In my case two! I have really been feeling that I have lost my creativity, my inspiration to create new recipes but I am sure it will come back eventually! In the meantime I have listed all my favourite winter recipes created by myself in past few years. Enjoy xx

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