Chocolate Tahini Coconut Slice - Raw Vegan

Sorry for the delay in sharing this recipe with you all! I have made it 3 times since. It is sooo good you must make it! I would say it is one of the best recipe I have ever made and I am happy to share it with you to finish the year of 2015.


My Top 5 Christmas Recipes

With Christmas fast approaching (in 16 days!) it is time to think of some Christmas menu ideas! My family is coming again this year for Christmas and I look forward cooking them some of my healthy recipes. I will be making the following recipes before and for Christmas day including my raw Christmas chocolate cheesecake for dessert on Christmas day as it was a big success last year and my family requested it again this year! So why not try one of my recipes to share with your loved ones over Christmas!

Vegan Tomato Pasta & Cashew "Ricotta" Cheese

The other night I was feeling a little under the weather and decided to make myself a nice big bowl of pasta. Pasta is so comforting isn't it!? I decided to keep it healthy by loading it with veggies and keeping it plant based. I was going to use normal ricotta cheese but I didn't have any in the fridge and had some cashews soaking in water that I was going to use for something else so I innovated and created my own cashew "Ricotta"! (If you haven't experimented with cashews you will be blown away by their versatility!)
The result was soo delicious! It had plenty of flavour from the chillies and tomatoes and the cashew ricotta was perfect to toss through and add some creaminess! I will be making this again and again!


My Favourite Bliss Balls Recipes

I love bliss balls!! Even the name "Bliss Ball" I love. I wonder who came up with the name!?
Bliss Balls are my go to recipe whenever I have to bring a sweet or if craving something sweet at home. I also make bliss balls often to have on hand as snacks. I have made quite a few bliss balls recipes in the past 2 years and have listed them all below! Enjoy!
(My favourite bliss ball recipe is the chocolate one!)

chocolate bliss ball recipe


Sweet Potato, Kale & Quinoa Salad with a Green Tahini Dressing

Last weekend I made this delicious salad after buying lots of kale at the farmers markets. This is probably one of my favourite salad combo: kale, sweet potato and quinoa! I also recreated a green tahini dressing after seeing it on a menu in a restaurant in Perth. It's really good I will be using it on pizzas, salads, burgers and sandwiches.


Mama's Smoothie Recipe

Following my last post on healthy eating with a newborn I am sharing with you my Mama's Smoothie recipe which I have been having a few times a week.

Smoothies are one of the most practical breakfast to have as a mum! They take seconds to make, can be drank with one hand while holding a baby and only take minutes to be drunk! They also pack a punch of nutrients in one serving to make sure I start my day on the healthy side!


Healthy Eating with a Newborn (or 2!)

As some of you know I gave birth last month to 2 little twins! Eloise & James. They are the best thing that has happened to me and it is easy to forget about yourself and your own health when you are constantly taking care of 2 little newborns that rely on you for everything.

I knew from the get go that taking care of myself will have to be my number 2 priority (number one being the babies of course!). You can't function properly and be able to deal with crying hungry babies at all hours of the day if you are feeling flat, hungry and tired yourself! Plus I know most mums like myself when to lose the baby weight rather quickly! I have 10kg that need to go and I am motivated to lose it all the healthy way.

So I have been eating very healthy and taking care of myself of the past 6 weeks. I thought I would share my tips for other mums out there. I will list some of my favourite "on-the-go" meals and also some other tips for organisation and how I am doing things. If I can do it with twins anyone can do it!


Meet My Twins!

Meet My Twins!

So life has been very busy for me lately, my little twins were born on 18.09.2015 at 36 weeks and 3 days. Meet Eloise & James, the loves of my life. Eloise was 2.610 kg and James 1.950kg (due to IUGR). They look nothing like each others and their personalities are very different too. We have been loving getting to know them in the past five weeks. (Can't believe my babies are one month old already! Time really does fly! I already miss the first few days when they were so little!)

They are both going well and gaining weight. (James is still behind his sister but we got told he will catch up!) They keep me very busy as we currently have a 3 hourly feeding routine during the day with each feed taking at least one hour. We are trying to extend the night feeds to get a bit more sleep. I have managed to get around 6-7 hours sleep each night which I think is pretty good. I was expecting it to be much worse! I must have good babies.

Days are filled with nappy changes, feeding, expressing breastmilk, burping (which takes FOREVER especially with James), laundry and walks with the pram. We get lots of nice comments when out and about. People can't believe how small they are.

I feel the happiest I have ever been in my entire life and am loving being a twin mama.

If you follow me on Instagram you will see a lot more baby pics!


Studying Health Coaching with IIN

This blog post is for everyone that has been asking about studying with IIN, the nutrition and health coach course I did last year with Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

My journey with IIN started a year before signing up to their IIN health coach program. I found the health coach course online a few months before getting married but was not ready to sign up. I was also a little scared and busy with other things!

Fast forward a year later and I had started my blog, my Instagram account and had met lots of friends with similar interest in the health and wellness industry. The IIN health coach program came up again and this time I was ready to sign up! I am so glad I finally "took the jump" but also waited until I felt 100% comfortable with signing up. So read below if you too fill the pull to study nutrition or are interested in the IIN Health Coach Course and my journey!


Delicious Orange, Almond & Chia Cookies

I am in love with cookies lately! This is the 5th batch of cookies I have baked in the past month. I have made some hazelnut chocolate ones (recipe will be in my ebook), some almond and chop chips ones and I made these Orange, Almond & Chia Cookies twice this week. The first ones were a little burned but still super delicious so I made another batch today to share on my blog. I feel bad for not having shared any recipes for a while and I hope I'll be forgiven with this delicious recipe!

These cookies are honestly really really good- they taste buttery and are a little chewy on the inside and can be made in 5 minutes. Children could make these too. And they are healthy, vegan, paleo and gluten free.


3rd Trimester Nesting Ideas

I am now officially in the third trimester- time went by so quickly! I am hoping to cook these babies for a bit longer though. We have been told they could come out anytime now due to a few umbilical cord blood flow issues for our twin boy and I am grateful for everyday they stay in.

So nesting started a little early for me. Most women experience "nesting" in the last few weeks of pregnancy as a way to get their home ready for the new addition.

I have now been on maternity leave for 3 weeks and have achieved quite a lot. My house is cleaned, the nursery is ready, the freezer is full and the pantry well organised!

I am not a nesting expert but I thought it could be helpful for other mums-to-be to share what I have done while on maternity leave apart from watching 3 seasons of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix!


Surrender- My biggest lesson in Pregnancy


  1. To relinquish possession or control of something to another because of demandor compulsion.
  2. To give up in favor of another, especially voluntarily.
  3. To give up or abandon.
  4. To give over or resign (oneself) to something, as to an emotion.

Being pregnant was not like I anticipated it will be. I wouldn't say it was worse nor better- it is just one of those life experiences that you can't imagine or plan really until you experience it for yourself. I assume motherhood will be a lot the same!


Pregnancy Diet

Once you get pregnant you don't only eat to nourish yourself but your baby as well. So many people believe whatever they are eating is enough for the baby as the baby gets the nutrients it needs from your body but that means your own body might be running low on many key nutrients and leave you running flat, with potential anemia and other health issues.

Being mindful of what I am eating being pregnant was even more important than before but I looked at food in a different way- instead of focusing on organic/clean foods, I looked at the foods that will nourish my body and my babies the most. (Also being pregnant with twins means you need a lot more calories and other nutrients!) Your body will also crave the foods you are more likely to be deficient in. 


My Best Winter Recipes

With the change of seasons also comes the change of lifestyle and produce available. I like taking the time on rainy days to cook some warm, nourishing meals and slowing down to enjoy them. I tend to use the slow cooker once a week to make a big batch of veggie or meat stew, make some homemade apple sauce and enjoy lots of soups. I don't like eating salads and smoothies in winter!

This winter it won't be too different apart for the fact I am pregnant and a lot less creative. Someone told me it is normal to feel less creative when pregnant as your body is already busy creating a little person! In my case two! I have really been feeling that I have lost my creativity, my inspiration to create new recipes but I am sure it will come back eventually! In the meantime I have listed all my favourite winter recipes created by myself in past few years. Enjoy xx


Pregnancy News & First Trimester Reflections

I am so excited to be able to finally share here my happy news: My husband and I are expecting TWINS in September 2015!

We are so happy to be expecting 2 little babies even if it came as a surprise! Our Twins will be non identical and we don't know yet if they are boys or girls or one of each. Hoping to get one girl one boy!

I am currently 14 weeks today (starting second trimester) and have quite a bit of a bump already being pregnant with twins. I am looking forward to the next weeks feeling them move and kick!


Vegan Berry Oats Cookies

During the long weekend I felt like baking (which ended up being a silly idea as it was around 40 degrees outside and using the oven made me melt!).

I invented on the spot these chewy Vegan Berry Oats Cookies. (The recipe worked well to make them chewy and delicious but if you are after crispy cookies you should have a look at this recipe! )

These chewy Berry Oats Cookies are very healthy and can even be enjoyed for breakfast! 


Detox Week Review

So first of all I want to say this is only a quick review of what I felt was right for my body after the Christmas holidays (mine lasted almost 3 weeks as I had my family over).
I wanted to do a gentle detox but mostly increase my intake of greens and other vegetables to give my body a little more love.
I did not do anything drastic or crazy but chose to give my body the most nutritious and healthy meals.

My aim for this past week was to eat lighter and cleaner by going vegan, dairy free, gluten free for a whole week and eliminating sugar, coffee and alcohol.

Was it hard? Not really- I eat pretty healthy all the time anyway but as the days passed I felt better and better and I have had more energy- less tiredness in the afternoons and evenings and my head feels clearer. I have also lost 1.5kg which was really effortless.

Because I loved the food I ate and the way I feel so much I am keeping this way of eating for another week and will reintroduce gluten, eggs, red meat and dairy after that if my body craves it.

What did I eat?


I started each mornings by having a big glass of water with 1/2 lemon squeezed in. I had green smoothies most mornings but also a green juice and a cacao smoothie with some Hemp protein powder. I tried to keep my green smoothies low sugar by only having 1 small banana and a lot of kale.  I also took probiotics and a glass of aloe vera juice to help my stomach.


I had salads every day- with a combination including quinoa, carrots, chickpeas, kale, broccoli, cauliflower and olive oil for dressing.


I packed almonds and a piece of fruit every day to have at 3pm before my workouts.


I have loved the opportunity to be more creative in my dinners this week. I made a green detox bowl, a raw cauliflower tabouli, some stuffed quinoa zucchini boats, a healthy Mexican Salad bowl and a homemade vegan kale pizza with cashew cheese.

I also drank some Pukka detox herbal teas all week long and a lot of water. I did miss my morning coffee but that's about it!

Check out my Instagram for more pics!


Raw Mango Coconut Trifles

First post of the year 2015! Weee! I am excited to see what the year will bring on this blog. Today was a sad day for me though as I dropped my parents and sister to the airport. They are going back to France after 3 weeks spent at my house in Perth. We had the best time together and made some new memories to last us until we see each other again. They have enjoyed eating my salads, smoothies, raw cakes and bliss balls but we have also been eating lots of delicious seafood and traditional French meals. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen we have been at the beach a lot (in fact we went most days!) and I feel really relaxed refreshed and inspired for the year ahead. I have not been creating new recipes yet but have written 3 full lists of ideas to come on this blog and an upcoming ebook! (Will post more about this exciting project soon!).

This recipe was featured on the Loving Earth website in December and was a big hit. I hope you enjoy it and make the most of Australian mangos before they run out! If you live in the northern hemisphere kiwis or any berries would work too!

These pretty and delicious trifles and gluten free, raw and vegan. I have used coconut cream but you could make them with coconut yogurt such as COYO or greek yogurt if not vegan.

Raw Mango Coconut Trifles
serves 4-6- time: 30 min + chilling time of 1h

  • ½ cup Desiccated Coconut
  • ½ cup Almonds
  • ½ cup pecans or Walnuts
  • 1 tsp vanilla paste 
  • 1/3 cup Coconut Sugar
  • 1/3 cup Coconut Oil
  • 2x 400ml cans of coconut cream (room temp & not light coconut cream) (or COYO/greek yogurt)
  • 2-3 mangos
  • Pumpkin Seeds to top (optional)

  1. Blend the coconut, almonds and pecans together in a food processor then add in the coconut oil, coconut sugar and vanilla. Keep it a little rough and put aside
  2. Open the cans of coconut cream  and blend with 1 tbsp of your preferred sweetener if you would like the cream a little sweeter.
  3. Slice your mangoes and start assembling your trifles. In each glass layer raw coconut and nut mix then a layer of coconut cream and then fruit.
  4. Do this a second time in each glass (6 might require a little less in each glass) and finish with mangoes.
  5. Chill for 30 min before serving and top with pumpkin seeds.


Cranberry Bliss Balls

bliss balls
If looking for a different recipe for bliss balls that isn't using dates or cacao try those delicious and healthy pink bliss balls! 

Recipe makes 16 bliss balls. 

  • 1/2 cup of dried cranberries;
  • 1/2 cup of desiccated coconut;
  • 1 cup of raw cashews;
  • 1 tsp of coconut oil;
  • water;

  1. Mix cashews and coconut in a food processor;
  2. Add dried cranberries;
  3. Add 1 tsp of coconut oil and water if needed;
  4. Rolls balls with your hands and keep in the fridge;

cranberry cashew bliss balls

healthy vegan bliss balls

healthy french wife bliss ball recipe

healthyfrenchwife bliss balls


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